The Company

The KORONA S.A. is a company of long tradition and experience in the production of pasta which guarantees the high quality of its products. Its history starts back in 1910; after the 2nd W.War, it is already one of the most dynamic companies in the pasta market.

Today the company's own installations are situated at the port of Piraeus, the first port of Greece and the second of Mediterranean. Thus the company has the advantage of a quick and inexpensive distribution of its products.

Its production equipment is always up to date following the latest technological development

In parallel the company's technical staff is being continuously trained on the latest improvements.

In terms of marketing, the KORONA S.A. has a well organized distribution net-work which covers the whole Greece and other countries of Europe, Middle East, Africa, as well as Canada and Australia.

The company's products are made from 100% semolina of the famous Greek wheat with no preservatives or colours added which assures the purity and taste of its wide variety of 50 types.

The quality and tastefulness of the KORONA pasta have been also recognized in "blind tests", by the big chefs of international hotels.


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Email : sales@korona.gr

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LastUpdated : 2014